• Effective Marketing Is Deliberate

    Effective Marketing Is Deliberate

    David says… Clients understand that managing marketing that delivers success for an organization is more complex than ever. A disciplined marketing approach is the most effective way to drive efficiency and effectiveness. Fortunately, we have a process that can help and have included links to some free resources you can leverage to follow this process. Read time: under 1 minute


  • Why You Need a Success Statement

    Why You Need a Success Statement

    David says… What is success for your organization? A Marketing Action Plan (MAP) is a master plan for prioritizing and then building trust with the target audiences that will lead your organization to success. However, at the beginning of the process, it is critical to define what success is. Here we review the formula we use to develop what we call the “Success Statement.” Read time: under 2 minutes    


  • The Value of a Landing Page

    The Value of a Landing Page

    Camille says… Have an initiative that needs to take off? Discover the value of a landing page as part of your marketing strategy. Read time: under 6 minutes


  • Making Social Media Ads Work For You

    Making Social Media Ads Work For You

    Cristen & McKenzie say… Meta advertising can be scaled to your budget and help ensure that the content you’ve worked so hard to create reaches specific, targeted audiences and helps you achieve your conversion goals. As Meta continues to embrace a “pay to play” model, you will need to include Meta ad spend in your monthly budget projections, but investing in Meta Ads is one of the best things you can do to achieve brand awareness with the right audience and on a scale that will make an impact. Read time: 4 minutes 


  • 6 Pitfalls of Social Media Management

    6 Pitfalls of Social Media Management

    Maghen says… Regardless of your team size or budget, there are ways to make social media work for you without cutting corners. Here, we've summarized 6 common social media management mistakes, how they can affect your brand credibility, and what you can do to avoid them. Read time: under 3 minutes


  • Importance of a Brand Standards Manual

    Importance of a Brand Standards Manual

    Leigh says… A brand standards manual (also known as a brand book, guide, or bible) guides anyone in the use of your brand messaging and appearance across all platforms. It plays an important role in protecting the outward appearance of your brand—it tells your company story so your employees and vendors know what you stand for and how you should be perceived. Read time: 7 minutes


  • Revisiting Your Social Media Marketing Plan

    Revisiting Your Social Media Marketing Plan

    Stamp says… Like your Marketing Action Plan, your social media marketing strategy should continually evolve to reflect what data is telling you about the platform preferences and media consumption habits of your target markets. What made your social strategy successful two years ago likely will not have the desired impact today due to evolving trends and algorithms. So how do you stay ahead of the curve? Read time: four minutes 


  • Effective Website Planning Steps

    Effective Website Planning Steps

    Stamp says… Developing your website requires comprehensive, strategic planning. Read about our website planning process and which questions need to be answered as you work through each step of creating a website. Read time: under 4 minutes