Tips for an Effective Construction Services Website

By Leigh Farrior

Tips for an Effective Construction Services Website

Websites are typically the first brand experience your customers engage with. Use these four tips for strategy, engagement, trust, and reach to be sure you're building on the strongest foundation. Read time: 

A strong online presence is sometimes more important than a physical presence. Websites are an important tool for marketing construction service companies due to their wide service footprints and have become crucial in helping companies grow, outline their unique differences, and showcase their work.

Build your site based on strategy

  • Having a strategic process that uncovers what sets you apart, what your challenges are, and your areas of growth are crucial.
  • Utilize proven processes for user experience and engagement.
  • Define challenges, target audiences, and what needs to be accomplished.
  • Define user paths via experience design. Determine calls to action, simplify content, and determine architecture of key pages.
  • In the visual design, determine visual elements to draw visitor interest and keep them engaged.
  • Ensure your website is user-friendly by completing browser and device testing so that all important messages are front and center on any device your users are viewing your site on.

Grow top-of-mind awareness with engagement.

  •   Connect your website to your social media platforms.
  •   Capture potential customers' attention with a video (which also helps increase your Google rankings).
  •    Use small amounts of animation.
  •    Consistently publish a blog.
  •    Show 360-degree photos or video walk-thrus of completed projects. These immersive experiences aid the imagination—visitors can easily put themselves into the scene.
  •    Show Google reviews.

Establish trust in your services.

  • Highlight your amount of client experience.  
  • Show recent growth by sharing how many projects you have completed in the last three years.
  • Use examples showing equipment or new technology you are using that puts you ahead of your competition.
  • Include photos of past projects.
  • Clearly define each of the construction services that you offer.
  • Promote your best features (ex. One homebuilder promotes that they will build on land you already own).
  • Show ways you are decreasing environmental impact.

Get your website in front of your target audiences.

  • Utilize search engine optimization.  
  • Be strategic with your page metadata.
  • Experiment with paid search ads, geo-targeting, and boosted social posts.
  • Push your blog articles out via email and social media.
  • Use high-quality photography and renderings that can also be shared via email and social media.

Effective Construction Website Examples

Standard Commerical Roofing and Envelope Solutions is committed to protecting their customers’ property and employees with commercial roofing, building envelope solutions and waterproofing innovation. They begin all projects with the mindset of Safety First. No matter the facility type or size, Standard is prepared to resolve any roof problem for every variety of room system. Stamp is Standard’s outsourced marketing partner.

  • Dispenses insights into their company and commercial roofing projects with a consistently updated blog 
  • Brand themselves as an older but reliable company, most recently showcasing their 75th anniversary
  • The opening video catches visitors’ attention
  • The home page is very simple and doesn’t detract from the video background
  • Clear headlines make browsing easy and pleasant
  • The information is easy to absorb and understand

View our Case Study on Standard.  

Jubilee Builders is a residential construction company focused on building high-quality homes for today’s cost-conscious homeowners. They build beautiful new homes on your land for unmatched value. Their commitment to homeowner satisfaction is the guiding principle of the company philosophy and the foundation for their continued success.

  • Frames their construction website around their unique service of building affordable homes on your land
  • The clean design helps portray their process as clean and professional
  • It also uses color theory—its green color theme highlights important information and represents green building techniques
  • The information is easy to absorb and understand

View our Case Study on Jubliee.