Stamp Guides a Financial Services Firm Through Renaming with a Purpose Driven New Brand.

By Camille Leonard

As your organization grows, a name that transcends a list of partner names offers an opportunity to strengthen the firm’s team—and its brand.

Stamp Guides a Financial Services Firm Through Renaming with a Purpose Driven New Brand.


Many organizations begin their practice using the name of founding partners—a very practical and common occurrence. As they grow, expanding offerings and hiring personnel to support these services, the need to broaden the perception of the firm as an integrated team arises. Wealth Management firm McDonald Hagen arrived at this realization when they approached Stamp to help them navigate this process.


A new name often accomplishes the mission of changing perception. It can help demonstrate that the firm is a collaboration of many who should be acknowledged as a team. A new name presents many opportunities to reinvigorate its current client base and introduce the firm to potential clients. An elevated new name gives both clients and potential hires insight into the character and goals of the company.


The named partners of the solidly established firm were well known and respected. The new name needed to be both unique and available as a branded URL. In this tightly regulated industry (wealth management), all communications tools using the new name would go through lengthy third-party scrutiny.


A new name should reflect the brand essence of the firm. How the brand essence is communicated to the stakeholders that influence their success is essential. Leading the McDonald Hagan team through the Marketing Action Planning process delivered insights on the roles and beliefs of their stakeholders. The processes uncovered assisted in the creation of a rollout plan for the new name.

Most importantly, the MAP process delivered insight into the direction the name should take. Consultants, like McDonald Hagen, provide the ability for clients to see their financial landscape. True to their brand essence and working closely with their team, Stamp crafted a name that reflected their purpose and values—always looking ahead for their clients and the future of the firm—Invista Advisors.

A name with such power of possibility and professionalism needed a logo to match. The new logo merges a universally recognized symbol for financial-based businesses, a column, with the first letter of a name as part of a monogram, making it unique to Invista. The strong capital “I” is supported on either side by pillars, representing the multidisciplinary team approach that is central to their business. “Together, we are stronger.” is the implied message. The fresh green color is modern and implies new growth. The branding effort is supported by traditional communications materials as well as a strong digital presence.

Services Delivered

  • Brand Strategy
  • Branding
  • Copywriting
  • Art Direction & Graphic Design
  • Marketing Action Plan
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Photography
  • Research
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Videography
  • Website Design
  • Website Development